What to do if you do not know how to write an essay

Generally, essay writing https://essaybasics.com/write-my-essay involves giving a personal opinion or an argument regarding a given topic or idea. Traditionally, essays have been classified as either formal or informal. However, regardless of the classification, all essays should be structured using the appropriate requirements. The basic structure of an essay includes the introduction, the body and the conclusion. More so, essay writing should be free from the obvious grammatically errors such as sentence fragments. This essay seeks to explain the basic essay structure and the common mistakes that writers commit.

The biggest problem that writers commit in essay writing is the lack of laying out the structure of the work. As mentioned above, the basic structure of an essay must include three main parts; introduction, body and the conclusion. The introduction presents the writers’ argument on the given topic. However, the introduction would only be useful if it grabs the readers attention.  An outline that includes the points to be discussed in the body of the essay should be provided in the introduction. This outline gives the readers a clear picture of what the essay is about.

In opinion of essay writing service with good reputation called EssayBasics, the main purpose of the body paragraphs is to give a broad description in support of the thesis statements. This is done by giving broad statements that describe the objects outlined in the introductory part. Additionally, under the body paragraph, the writer should use the strongest argument example as the first body paragraph. The first sentence of all paragraphs should be the topic sentence that directly relates to the objects in the outline of the introductory paragraph. However, the writer should only use context that is relevant to the topic and thesis of the essay. The last statement of each body paragraph should tie the description given to the thesis statement. Therefore, writers should seal the deal by directly stating why the contents of the body paragraphs are relevant.

At the end of each essay, a concluding paragraph is used to summarize the contents of the essay. It should revisit the thesis statement using different words, and provide a review of the main points in the body part of the essay. The conclusion should open with a concluding transition i.e “in the end” or “in summary/conclusion” to signal the end of the essay. The concluding paragraph should not be too long; therefore, four to five well-crafted sentences should be sufficient.

Furthermore, apart from the structure, writers should be aware of grammatical errors that may kill the credibility of their essays. Some of the mistakes that writers commit include sentence fragments, misplaced modifier, wrong word usage, subject-verb agreements errors, and vague pronoun reference. Nevertheless, such mistakes can be corrected through proofreading and use of the dictionary. For instance, word repetition can be corrected by using synonyms while verbs, subjects and clauses can be used in sentence fragments. More so, proper punctuation should be observed as it enhances the credibility of the essay.

In conclusion, all essays must have the required structure and be free from the common mistakes that writers commit. Comprehensive details in the body part must be related to the thesis statement while a concluding paragraph should summarize the essay. Pronunciation should also be observed to maintain the credibility of the essay. Although words and pen make up writing, the writer improves the writing.



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