Introducing Form Management & Cloud Image Storage

In this very first product updated post, I wanna share with you guys some milestones of PageBold as some big changes we’ve made to better off the services. Aiming to make PageBold as a simple and amazing tool, every task we’ve set and fulfilled is of benefit to achieveAi??that goal.

Cloud Image Storage

From the beginning, every photo of your landing page was stored in our server. However, they are now set as default to be stored on Extra Super Tadadel for sale, dapoxetine online. Cloudinary, which is an amazing cloud image service.

In particular, images of which size are too big resulting in slow load speed, are auto trimmed down to the appropriate. Moreover, your images are currently distributed in a content delivery network (CDN). Which your customers will find it really fast to access wherever they are in the world.

Form Management

In the first version of PageBold, form system was used under a third party system – Formspree. However, in this update, you can now submit your form of landing pages made by PageBold to any servicesAi??such as MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheet. Try our new feature here.

Here is a basic example of integration with MailChimp.

Kamagra for sale, Zoloft withoutprescription. Step 1: Sign in your MailChimp account >> Choose “Lists” on the Menu >> Choose the email list you want your customers’ info goes in

Choose "Lists" on the Menu >> Choose the email list you want your customers' info goes in
Choose “Lists” on the Menu >> Choose the email list you want your customers’ info goes in

Step 2:Ai??Click ” Signup Forms” >> Choose “EmbeddedAi??Forms”

Click "Signup Forms" >> Choose "EmbeddedAi??Forms"
Click “Signup Forms” >> Choose “EmbeddedAi??Forms”

Then copy the codes in “form action” line.

Copy the codes in "form action"
Copy the codes in “form action”

Step 3: Go back to PageBold, click on any field in the form >> Click ” Purchase midamor wird Viber spy, Phone call tracker. Select Parent Element” button

Click "Select Parent Element"
Click “Select Parent Element”

Next, choose “Properties” to access the Form Setting.

Choose "Properties"
Choose “Properties”

Step 4: The screen will show up as shown below >> Paste that codes into the “Form Action” section. Choose “POST” form method as in the sample MailChimp provides.

Paste that codes into the "Form Action" section.
Paste that codes into the “Form Action” section. Choose

Step 5: Publish and voila! You’re done.

Bold Builder Loading Speed Has Been Improved

Timing is an essential factor to an online business’s success. Though we used to build LESS to CSS by PHP, in this version, this process is operated on demand. We also use several caching technology and CDN to bring you the most smooth loading experience.

Try Our New Features

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